Diagram: Multiple IP addresses with Router and Private LAN Connection
Updated: December 30, 2001


  • This is a possible setup if your DSL/Cable ISP gives you more than one IP number.
  • The Web server and FTP server are directly connected to the Internet (WAN) and are thus vulnerable to attack.  Firewall software on each machine is a must.
  • The workstations are sharing a single WAN IP number from behind a router to add a layer of safety.
  • The webserver has two network cards so that it can have a WAN connection and a private LAN connection.  The webserver will be on the same LAN as everything behind the router.
  • Since the webserver has two network cards, you must pay special attention to network protocol bindings so that attackers cannot traverse through your server to your LAN.  Here is more info on network bondage.
  • Thanks to Michael for the diagram modifications.

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