Diagram: Mixed Static/Dynamic LAN IP Numbers
Updated: May 29, 2001


  • You assign the server a static IP number so that it never changes.  This way, the router can forward web/ftp/email requests to the proper computer.
  • The rest of the workstations are dynamically assigned IP numbers by a DHCP server (usually the router).
  • You must set the DHCP router to start assigning IP numbers AFTER the IP number of the static IP numbers you assign.  For example, if you assigned your server, then you must tell your DHCP server to start assigning IP numbers at and beyond.
  • In our example, we tell the DHCP server to start assigning dynamic IP numbers at just to make sure that we have room later to add more static IP numbers.
  • Very convenient setup since you don't have to enter TCP/IP information for each computer because this info is given by the DHCP server.
  • Good for most networks, especially if you are constantly removing and adding computers to the network or if you have a lot of computers.

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