Diagram: Using NAT + Hub/Switch
Updated: May 29, 2001


  • The server computer is acting as a router in this setup.  It has two network cards, one is connected to the DSL/Cable line, the other network card is connected to a hub or switch.
  • The server computer is running NAT software like ICS, Wingate, or Sygate.
  • The server actually has two IP numbers.  From the Internet or the WAN, the server is known as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.  However, from the inside, the server can be accessed as the WAN and the LAN (
  • You cannot access the LAN IP number from the Internet (WAN).
  • To add more ethernet ports, you can "Daisy Chain" more additional hubs/switches by connecting the uplink port of the hub/switch to one of the ports on the existing hub/switch.

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