Diagram: Cascading Two Hubs/Switches
Updated: December 27, 2001


  • This is a typical example of how to add more ports to an existing hub/switch that has run out of ports.
  • This method is also good for connecting two or more batches of computers that are located far apart from each other.
  • The second hub/switch connects its "uplink port" to any regular port of the 1st hub/switch using a regular "straight through" network cable.
  • If the second hub/switch does not have an "uplink" port, you can connect any port of the second hub/switch to any port of the 1st hub/switch by using a "crossover cable".
  • The IP numbers are only if you install the TCP/IP protocol, which is necessary for Internet access and some games.  Since this network is not connected to the Internet, TCP/IP is optional.

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