ISP Hot List: DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme is the ISP that we use here at DSL/Cable Webserver.  We have been with them for around 3 years now.  We have been extremely pleased with their service and their DSL line speed.


  • Allow servers
  • Don't block server ports like (port 80, 25, etc.)
  • Offer static IP addresses
If you end up signing up with DSL Extreme, please help out our website by putting us down as your referrer.  We will get much needed credit towards our account.  We are hoping to bump up the line speed of this server soon and the extra referral credit will be very helpful in doing this.

Here's a mini step-by-step guide on how to refer us.

When you sign up for their DSL service, you will eventually come to a page that has this question: "How did you hear about us?".

  • In the "Referral From" box, select "Family/Friend".
  • In the next box "If you were referred by one of our customers, Enter their username"

  • Please enter "mikelee216" in this field

Go ahead and finish signing up for your DSL service. 

If you put us down as your referrer, please drop me an email to let me know so I can keep tabs with them to make sure we get the proper credit! 

Thanks a bunch!


Click here to visit DSL Extreme

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