ISP Hot List

These days, it's hard to find an ISP that will allow you to run a server on their line.  Most ISP's don't want people sucking down bandwidth or spreading viruses due to unpatched servers.  Because of this, I would estimate that over 90% of DSL and Cable ISP's do not allow servers or make it very difficult for you to run one.

Here you will find a list of DSL and Cable ISP's that DO allow you to run servers on their lines.  I call this the "ISP Hot List".  Cheesy enough for you?

All of them:

  1. Allow servers
  2. Don't block server ports like (port 80, 25, etc.)
  3. Offer static IP addresses
If you know of an ISP that allows servers on their DSL or Cable lines, please email me their information.

The following ISP's offer service packages that are home websever friendly.  However, not all the packages allow servers.  Read through the packages descriptions and see which ones do allow servers.

While I have done my best to verify that these ISP's allow servers, please double-check with the ISP before you sign up to make sure before your order service from them!


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