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Registered Username:  jeffboot
Connection type: Cable
Speed (down/up): 128/56
Router/Firewall: 4 port Linksys
CPU: 333 mhz
Motherboard: ?
Memory: 128 MB
Hard disk: 6 GB
Network adapter: Realtek RTL8139
Server Software: Windows 2000 Server
UPS: none
Future plans: purchase ups, new server, set up raid and mail pop3, get static ip and more bandwidth, learn enough to gain a qualification that will get me to OZ

Registered Username: Rearden
Connection type: DSL
Speed (down/up): 768/768
Router/Firewall: 2wire Router hardware firewall, Sygate Personal Firewall Pro oftware
CPU: PII 433
Motherboard: Compaq 
Memory: 96
Hard disk: 16 GB
Network adapter: Intel 10/100 Management Adapter 
Server Software: Windows 2000 Server, Apache 1.36, Mailenable Pro, Blackmoon FTP, MySQL, PHP4
UPS: None
Future plans: Over Christmas break I plan to upgrade the server hardware to a PIII 933 and add a bigger HDD.  That should hopefully help with the really slow speed you usually see when executing scripts and the like.

Registered Username H&H Bass Club
Connection type:  ADSL
Speed (down/up):  768/384
Router/Firewall:  Nortel
CPU:  PII 350
Motherboard:  Compaq
Memory:  96 meg
Hard disk:  3 gig
Network adapter:  3Com 3C515-TX
Server Software:  Windows 2000 Pro
UPS:  APC Backups Pro
Future plans: Add memory to support CGI scripts

Registered Username: billykendall 
Connection type:  ADSL
Speed (down/up):  1.5mbps / 128mbps
Router/Firewall:  LinkSys 4 Port
CPU:  Pentium 4 1.5GHz
Motherboard:  ASUS P4B
Memory:  512MB PC133
Hard disk:  20 GB
Network adapter: Kingston 10/100 
Server Software:  Apache
UPS:  yes
Future plans: More bandwidth

Registered Username: billykendall 
Connection type:  ADSL
Speed (down/up):  1.5mbps down/256 kbps up
Router/Firewall:  LinkSys 4-Port Cable/DSL Router
CPU:  Intel Pentium II 400 MHz
Motherboard:  Asus P4B
Memory:  512 MB
Hard disk:  20 GB
Network adapter:  LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter Version 1.0
Server Software:  Apache for Windows 2.0.42
UPS:  yes
Future plans: FTP Server

Registered Username: jrob 
Connection type: DSL SBC SWBELL
Speed (down/up): 384/128 
Router/Firewall: SMC Barricade 
CPU: Athlon XP 1600 (1.4GHz) 
Motherboard: ECS K7S5A
Memory: 256MB PC150 SDRAM
Hard disk: 2x Maxtor 160GB 5400RPM in RAID 1 (Linux Software RAID)
Network adapter: Onboard SIS900 
Server Software: Red Hat Linux, Apache, Samba and More
UPS: CyberPower 
Future plans: As soon as I have some spare DDR ram I will use that in place of the SDR.

Registered Username: JohnK
Connection type: VDSL
Speed (down/up): (1024/1024)
Router/Firewall: Linksys Four Port Ethernet Router & Netgear 5 Port Switch
CPU: AMD K6/2 475MHZ
Motherboard: Whatever Compaq Put In There
Memory: 256MB Crucial PC 133
Hard disk: 18GB Western Digital
Network adapter: Intel PCI 10/100
Server Software: RedHat 6.2, Apache, PHP, MySQL, ModGzip
Future plans: This Christmas, a whole new server!

Registered Username: jmwebdesigner
Connection type:  Cable
Speed (down/up):  640kb/128kb
Router/Firewall:  WinXP Firewall
CPU:  P3 550MHz
Motherboard:  Don´t Remember
Memory:  256MB
Hard disk:  80GB
Network adapter:  Realtek
Server Software:  IIS5
UPS:  None
Future plans: Speed 1MB/256kb, UPS, Memory 512MB, P3 900MHz

Registered Username  verybadinfluence 
Connection type:  Cable
Speed (down/up):  205kbps up, 3.2Mbps down
Router/Firewall:  Linksys HUB
CPU:  166 AMD K62 over clocked to 200 ( I have a new 600 celeron, just not installed yet)
Motherboard:  Intel chipset
Memory:  128 SD Ram
Hard disk:  20 gig Maxtor
Network adapter:  SMC EtherEZ 8416 10/100 Ethernet card
Server Software:  Windows 2000 iis 5.2 (at the moment, will be going to SQL, or 2000 advanced server soon)
UPS: I can't afford one
Future plans: I have a UT game server, and my game server website on this machine, just my little part of the web to rule as my own.

Registered Username: Webman
Connection type: Cable
Speed (down/up): 1500/256
Router/Firewall: Linksys
CPU: Tualatin 1.13 w/ 512k cache
Motherboard: Dell PowerEdge 500SC 
Memory: 640 Meg PC133 ECC memory 
Hard disk: 3 x 20GB Samsung Hard drives
Network adapter: Onboard Intel NIC 10/100
Server Software: Windows 2000 Server, IIS 5.0, IPSWITCH IMail Server, Serv-U FTP Server. MS DNS for host header hosting.
UPS: APC Network Cell
Future plans: Thanks to Brian i checked and found the PowerEdge 500SC P3-1.13GHZ 128MB/20GB server for $399 - 10% off coupon - $100 rebate = $260 shipped free. My Plans are to add an additional 512 Meg memory, Remove 2 x 20gb drives and purchase 2 x 80gb 7200 rpm drives, to accommodate the drives i will also purchase an IDE RAID card and mirror the drives. Otherwise i am pretty happy with what i have. My old server (Compaq workstation drafted into server duty) was a PII450 with 256mb of ram. The speed was not too bad, but i can definitely tell the difference with the new server (faster proccessing on ASP and CGI applications).

Registered Username: obrutsky 
Connection type:  cable
Speed (down/up):  750/96
Router/Firewall:  norton
CPU:  amd duron 1200
Motherboard:  gigabyte
Memory:  256
Hard disk:  60 gig
Network adapter:  rca cable modem
Server Software:  apache 2.x on win 2k
UPS: noe
Future plans: faster upload conection

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