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Here you will find other websites that are also run on DSL or cable modem.  You can get a sense of the range of websites that do-it-yourself web junkies run.  If you would like your DSL or CABLE site listed here, please email us with the following information.  We reserve the right to use our own discretion on which sites will be posted and which will not.  If your website is already listed and you have changed some of your specs, please email us so we can keep your profile current.  Thanks.

Also, a link back to DSL/Cable Websever, although not required, would be much appreciated!

Registered Username (Register here)
Connection type: 
Speed (down/up): 
Hard disk: 
Network adapter: 
Server Software: 
Future plans:

Registered Username: homieuk 
Connection type: Cable
Speed (down/up): 2mbps/256kbps unlimited usage
Router/Firewall: Netgear
CPU: Dual PowerPC G5 2.3GHz
Memory: 1GB DR400 SDRAM
Hard disk: 250 GB  7200 RPM
Network adapter: PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet
Server Software: Mac OS X, Apache, PHP, MySQL,
UPS: Liebert UPStation GXT2u 700VA 490W, I have my own solar panels and mini wind turbine to save on the electric bills and save the world.
Future plans: upgrade connection speed, broadband in the uk is a ripoff campared to places like hongkong where you can get 1GBPs for US$215 per month.

Website: , , ,, 
DNS: (myself) - using BIND 
Connection type:  GDSL 
Speed (down/up):  512 kbit/s up/down 
Router/Firewall:  Smoothwall Express 2.0 on extra PC 233MHz
CPU:  AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1400MHz
Motherboard:  Abit
Memory:  812 MB 
Hard disk:  2x80 GB (RAID 1) 
Network adapter:  Surecom 100 Mbit/s 
Server Software:  Windows 2000 Professional running Apache 2.0.52 with PHP 5/MySQL , ArgoSoft MailServer 
UPS:  ADC 1000 (1KVA) 
Future plans: upgrade to 1MBit up/down 

Connection type:  ADSL
Speed (down/up): 8 Mbit/s / 1 Mbit/s 
Router/Firewall:  Alcatel SpeedTouch 510iv4 - No software firewall
CPU:  Pentium II 450 MHz
Motherboard:  Some Compaq thingy, very stable, accepts both 100 and 133 MHz memory.
Memory:  384 MB SD-RAM (3*128)
Hard disk:  1* 40 GB 7200 RPM
Network adapter:  Unknown manufacter, 10/100 Mbit/s
Server Software:  Win2k PRO, Apache 2.0.53 PHP 4, MySQL, DeskNow mail server (local only (for now)), TightVNC
UPS:  No, not yet at least.
Future plans: Faster connection, bigger hard drive.

Registered Username:  duckcomputing
DNS:  PowerDNS on Linux
Connection type:  DSL
Speed (down/up):  512/256
Router/Firewall:  4-Port DabsValue (Conexant) wired 100/mbps
CPU:  166Mhz Pentium
Motherboard:  Packard Bell
Memory:  128MB RAM
Hard disk:  80GB (storage) & 15GB (OS etc)
Network adapter:  100mbps NetLynx
Server Software:  Gentoo Linux (2.4.26 kernel), Exim (SMTP), Courier (IMAP/POP3), Apache+mod_php+perl (HTTP), PowerDNS (DNS), Samba (SMB)
UPS:  APC Back-UPS ES 500
Future plans: get a new router to utilize the 6 allocated IP addresses, add a few more DSL lines at higher speeds

Registered Username: Eric
Website:,,,, and others
Connection type:  RoadRunner Cable

Webserver (site1):
Speed (down/up):  3mbit / 450k
Router/Firewall: Linksys BefSx41
CPU:  Dual PII - 400
Memory:  512MB
Hard disk:  80GB
Network adapter:   Intel 10/100
Server Software: Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, ProFTP, Samba
UPS: APC 500va

Mailserver (site2):
Speed (down/up):  2mbit / 1mbit
Router/Firewall: Linksys BefVp41
CPU:  PII - 400
Memory:  512MB
Hard Disk:  40GB
Network adapter:  Intel 10/100
Server Software: Win2kserver, mailenable, bpftp server, Helix Universal Server
UPS: APC 500va

Future plans:  Tape backup for both machines, additional storage for the Mailserver, more clients to host for and possibly a backup mirrored webserver at the same location as the mail server.

Registered Username: MrDansken 
DNS: Nix Hosting
Connection type: Fibre
Speed (down/up): 100 Mbit/s
Router/Firewall: Zyxel
CPU:  Processor #1 CPU: Xeon 3.06GHzx 2
CPU:  Processor #2 CPU: Xeon 3.06GHzx 2
Motherboard:  Asus PC-DL Deluxe
Memory: 2048
Hard disk:  2 x 160 WDC WD800JB-00ETA0, ATA DISK drive
Network adapter: GigaX 2048 Series
Server Software:  Server Version: Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.18 OpenSSL/0.9.7a PHP-CGI/0.1b/cPanel 9.4.1-R64
UPS: None
Future plans: You never know!

Connection type: ADSL 
Speed (down/up):  3.0 Mbps/ 400 Kbps
Router/Firewall:  Wirespeed
CPU:  800 Mhz
Motherboard: Factory 
Memory:  832 
Hard disk:  30 Gigs
Network adapter:  GigaE
Server Software:  Windows 
UPS:  None as for now, future heck yeah!
Future plans: Oh boy, I've got my Blue Prints out for my Ultra Server, Fiber Optic's cabling and UPS. 

Registered Username: Bladerunner
Connection type:  ADSL
Speed (down/up):  512/256
Router/Firewall:  Zone Alarm
CPU:  P3-450
Motherboard:  cant remember, it's an old box!
Memory:  256mb
Hard disk:  5.6Gb
Network adapter:  Linksys
Server Software:  Apache
UPS:  None
Future plans: Keep the Bus Blog updated, and hopefully get a nationwide discussion/forum going on all aspects of public transport.

Registered username: Hamman
Connection type: ADSL
Up/Down : 2x 512/256
Primary Router: PTI / Dabsvalue (Connexant)
Secondary Router: eTEC

Server 1:   Dual Pentium 233MMX's
                Gigabyte GA-586-DX
                128Mb RAM
                80Gb 8mb cache 7200 rpm Maxtor
                4Gb Fujitsu
                Intel NIC
                Server 2003

Server 2:   Pentium 2 300MHz
                Asus P2L-M
                256Mb RAM
                8Gb Fujitsu
                40Gb Maxtor 7200rpm
                Intel NIC
                Server 2003

Server 3:   Mobile Pentium 2 266MHz
                Fujitsu Lifebook L440
                160Mb RAM
                20Gb IBM Travelstar
                PCMCIA NIC
                Server 2003

Servers 2+3 share an ADSL line with 6 IP static addresses, and server 1 has its own line with one static address.

Websites: (formerly,
Connection type: ADSL 
Speed (down/up): 6Mbps/1Mbps 
Router/Firewall: None
CPU: Intel PIII 1GHz x 2
Motherboard: MSI 694DPro2
Memory: 1GB SDRAM
Hard disk: 20GB Maxtor ATA66 + 120GB Maxtor ATA133
Network adapter: 3Com 3C905C-TX, Mitsubishi Electric Co. TP3C (multihomed)
Server Software: Windows Server 2003 + MS SQL Server 2000 + PHP + Perl + Frontpage Extensions + IIS 6 + Proxy Software
UPS: APC Smart-UPS 2200VA 
Future plans: Perhaps a RAID array of SCSI drives to replace the 120GB with? (Yep, I actually trust my old 20GB drive more)

Registered Username (Register here):  starchild
Connection type:  DSL
Speed (down/up):  512K/512K
Router/Firewall:  Linksys WRT54 and Zone Alarm
Motherboard: 440LX
Memory:  256MB
Hard disk:  10GB
Network adapter:  3COM
Server Software:  Windows XP
Future plans: Creating a SIG group for my friends

Registered Username: genesplitter 
Connection type: ADSL (dynamic IP)
Speed (down/up): 384/128
Router/Firewall: ZoneAlarm Pro
CPU: Intel P4 3 Ghz
Motherboard: Intel D865 PERL
Memory: 2 Gig
Hard disk: WD 200 Gig
Network adapter: USB adapter
Server Software: IIS 5.1
UPS: none
Future plans: Add web camera, look into adding own nameserver and mail server, upgrade to IIS 6. This is also my day to day computer. I'd like to move the web server to a dedicated (cheapo) box but the USB adapter is preventing this (I know - I should have insisted on Ethernet when my ISP came over)

Username: Jim_cliff11
Connection Type: DSL
Speed: 512/256k
Router: Netgear DSL Modem Internet Gatway DG814 and Genius 8 way switch
CPU: 501 MHZ
Motherboard: Pentium III (Katmai)
Memory: 399 mb RAM
Hard Disk: 20 GB Hard Drive
Network Adapter: 100mb - Static IP
Server Software: RedHat Linux 9.0, Apache 2.0.48 with Virtual domains, PHP, MySQL, Frontpage Server Extensions 2002 5.0, Sendmail, Psybnc
UPS: Yep
Future Plans: Upgrade to SDSL 2mb download and 2mb upload (static IP), Get another server running Slackware Linux

Registered Username: Death
Connection type:  ADSL (Dynamic IP)
Speed (down/up):  384/128
Router/Firewall:  Linksys BEFSR41
CPU:  AMD Athlon 1.0Ghz
Motherboard:  SIS K7SEM
Memory:  512 SDRAM
Hard disk:  40GB Maxtor/20GB Western Digital
Network adapter:  Realtek RTL8139
Server Software:  Apache2
UPS:  None
Future plans: Build another home computer, build a linux box for hosting my website, set up an e-commerce site related to a family business, begin to host my friends sites.

Registered Username: samsbox
Connection type: Cable
Speed (down/up): 512/128
Router/Firewall: Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router with NAT, IPTables, and Quicktables
CPU: AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton
Motherboard: Abit NF7
Memory: 2 x 512mb (total 1gb) Crucial DDR, running dual channel
Hard disk: Maxtor Diamondmax 8 40gb, 7200rpm
Network adapter: Belkin Network adapter
Server Software: Redhat Linux 9 (Server install) running: Apache (webserver), SendMail (E-mail), Samba (FileShare), pop3, smtp, SSL, SSH, VsFTPd (FTP), MySQL, and PHP
UPS: none
Future plans: Upgrade connection, get another HDD on RAID-1/0, Host many more websites for various people, gain a larger E-mail user base, get another NIC, and possibly upgrade Redhat 9 to Fedora project :)

Registered Username: DarkSideOracle
Website: + Sub Domains
DNS:  Being Hosted By
Connection type:  ADSL Static IP
Speed (down/up):  1500k Down /128k Up
Router/Firewall:  LinkSys Router (BEFSR41) / Black ICE Server Firewall
CPU:  Dual Intel 700mhz P3 CPUs
Motherboard:  Tyan Tiger 133
Memory:  512 MBs SDRAM
Hard disk:  120 Gigs Western Digitals 7200 RPMs
Network adapter:  Generic 10/100 LAN Card
Server Software:  Windows 2000 Server / IIS 5.0, ASP, PHP 4.3.2, ActivePerl 5.6, CGI, MySQL 3.23.54, MS SQL v 8.00.194, Argosoft E-Mail Server Pro, BulletProof Ftp Server v 2.21, FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions Enabled, Cold Fusion Server 5, & Apache 2.0.46 Backup Webserver (Different Port)
UPS:  None
Future plans: Finish configuring my 2nd server Unix Free BSD, Upgrade to more upload speeds, Get SSL encryption certs, saving up for the amember pro membership script, & Finish paying off my huge credit card bill for all this software.

Registered Username: MPEA
Website: + others
DNS:  EveryDNS
Connection type: ADSK
Speed (down/up): 512k/256k
Router/Firewall: Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing & Zone Alarm Pro Firewall
CPU:  Intel Celeron 500Mhz
Motherboard:  Intel Cayman CA81020A
Memory:  256MB RAM
Hard disk:  6GB
Network adapter:  Intel Pro/100+ Management Adaptop
Server Software:  LiteServe (Software from CMF Perception)
UPS:  None
Future plans:

Connection type:  DSL 
Speed (down/up):  8MB/1.5MB 
Router/Firewall:  Linksys 
CPU:  Pentium II 350Mhz 
Motherboard:  Asus
Memory:  256
Hard disk:  1) 9Gig IDE 2) 1Gig IDE  1) 8Gig partition 2) 1gig (mirrored) partition)
Network adapter:  D-Link 305b
Server Software:  Windows 2000  Server , Typesoft FTP Server , C-Mail
Server V5.0 (With Webmail)
Future plans: Upgrade Server to a Dell , add larger ups  :)

Registered Username: berrall
Website:,,, + 8 others
DNS: Primary Windows 2000 DNS. Secondary Windows 2000 DNS is on a P3-500 machine with secondary mail server
Connection type: ADSL - 1 fixed IP per account
Speed (down/up): 2x 512/256
Router/Firewall: 2x Efficient Networks 5861 Routers (get these off ebay dirt cheap now. Been running these websites without problems for 3 years now)
CPU: Dual Athlon MP2200+ (1800MHz)
Motherboard: Asus A7M266-D
Memory: 2GB PC2100 Crucial ECC Registered DDR
Hard disk: 2x36GB RAID-1 SCSI + 3x73GB RAID-5 SCSI all in a Intel hot swap back plane connected to a Adaptec 2110S RAID card
Network adapter: Intel Pro/1000+ 64bit PCI Server Management Adapter
Server Software: Windows 2000 Advanced Server running Apache 1.3.29 & Mdaemon for email
UPS: APC Smart UPS 1400RM - runs both servers, 48+2 gigabit port switch, both routers and the RAID tower for 20 mins on loss of power
Future plans: Get bigger SCSI drives in my external 7 bay RAID tower (currently has 7x18GB drives for 100GB storage for backing up the servers)

DNS:  Win2K native - own nameserver
Connection type:  UK ADSL - reseller.
Speed (down/up):  512/256K
Router/Firewall:  Dlink VPN 804V - Ethernet ADSL modem
CPU:  Intel PIII 1.2Ghz
Motherboard:  EPOX
Memory:  512Mb
Hard disk:  40GB IDE
Network adapter:  100Mb NIC - Static IP
Server Software:  Windows 2000 server
UPS:  None
Future plans: Add a UPS and change to two disks

Registered Username:  Sciteach 
Connection type:  DSL Static IP
Speed (down/up):  384Kbps – 1.5Mbps Down / 128Kbps Up
Router/Firewall:  Netgear FR114P
CPU:  AMD AXP2000+
Motherboard:  SOYO KT400 Dragon
Memory:  512 meg
Hard disk:  40 MB and two 80 MB in a RAID 0 array
Network adapter:  two Linksys 10/100 Lan Card
Server Software:  Windows 2003 Server
UPS:  Conext 700AVR
Future plans: I plan on eventually starting up my own web hosting service after I upgrade my DSL line.

Registered Username: Garfield Cooper
Connection type:  Cable
Speed (down/up): 256/128 
Router/Firewall:  USR router
CPU:  266mx (Compaq Deskpro 4000)
Motherboard:  Compaq
Memory:  256
Hard disk:  4gig and 8gig Maxtors
Network adapter: built in (Netelligent 10/100TX PCI Embedded UTP Controller)
Server Software:  Win2k sbs IIS-5
UPS:  none yet
Future plans: upgrade to a new server and add more sites

Registered Username: Rcjay2
Connection type:  DSL
Speed (down/up): 
Router/Firewall:  Dlink 704p and Netgear rt311
CPU:  500 mhz Celeron
Motherboard:  ?
Memory:  256
Hard disk:  10gig
Network adapter:  Dlink 10/100
Server Software:  Windows 2000 IIS
UPS:  Have one but I forgot the name.
Future plans: Get one of the Dell Servers-waiting for a deal on the 800mhz fsb, dual sata,RAID setup,plan to setup a domain and run my own DNS servers.

Registered Username: atomicfire
DNS: Self-managed DNS server, registered on Godaddy
Connection type:1.5 mbit Cable
Speed: 1.5mbit
Router\Firewall: None, linux IPtables firewall
CPU: Celeron 500
Motherboard: Generic Intel Junk
Memory: 196mb PC133
Hard Disk: 6 gig Seagate
Network Adaptor: 3Com 100mbit
Server Software: Red Hat Linux 9, Apache 2, Postfix Mail, ISC BIND DNS
UPS: APC 300va
Future Plans: College internet link, dual CPU, full hosting including game servers, commercial interest

Registered Username :  thebigmodzelewski
Connection type:  ADSL
Speed (down/up):  1 mbit/sec and 135 kb/sec
Router/Firewall:  linksys DSL router
CPU:  Pentium II 300 MHz
Motherboard:  Intel
Memory:  160 MB
Hard disk:  4.9 Gb Fujitsu at 4200 Rpm
Network adapter:  Generic
Server Software:  Windows 98 running KF Webserver
UPS:  none
Future plans:  Get a linux server up and running.

Registered Username: redilS
Connection type:  DSL
Speed (down/up):  768/128
Router/Firewall: Kerio Winroute Firewall

CPU:  Athlon 800
Motherboard:  noname but stable
Memory:  768
Hard disk:  10gb
Network adapter:  2x Intel Pro 100+
Server Software:  Apache

CPU:  PIII 500
Motherboard:  Asus P2B
Memory:  192mb
Hard Disk:  4gb
Network adapter:  Intel Pro 100+
Server Software: MySql

UPS:  none
Future plans: synchronous instead of asynchronous line, identical server

Registered Username: jason
Website: and 5-10 more
Connection type: Cable
Speed (down/up): 1.5MB/128KB
Router/Firewall: D-Link Wireless Router 614+ and Dell Wireless Router
CPU: Celeron 466MHz
Motherboard: Dell
Memory: 128MB
Hard disk: 20GB
Network adapter: Dell Onboard and Belkin PCI
Server Software: Windows NT Server version 4, IIS 4.0, ArGoSoft Mail
Server Pro, AVG Anti-Virus
UPS: Belkin 15 minute backup Home/Office
Future plans: Upgrade to a 7MB DN/1MB UP

Registered Username: totalgeek 
Connection type: cable
Speed (down/up): 3000/350 mbps
Router/Firewall: linksys
CPU: Intel Celeron 900Mhz
Motherboard: Intel
Memory: 256MB
Hard Disk: 20GB
Network Adapter: SMS EN5030c (I think)
Server Software: Apache
UPS: will be getting one soon
Future Plans: buy a .com, upgrade equiptment, host a couple more sites

Registered Username: MDColson
Website:,, soon to be others...
Connection type: Cable
Speed (down/up): 3Mbps/256Kbps
Router/Firewall: Linksys
Motherboard: Abit
Memory: 768Mb PC100
Hard disk: 2x 80Gb Segate (RAID 1 w/adaptec card)
Network adapter: Asante
Server Software: 2000 Advanced Server, Apache 2.0.48, Perl 5.8.2, PHP 4.3.4,
MySQL 4.0.16, Mailenable Standard, Filezilla Server (FTP)
UPS: Belkin
Future plans: New machine with Mandrake 9.2, Static IP, The list could go on...

Registered Username: win24xp32
Connection type:  cable
Speed (down/up):  1.5 / 128k
Router/Firewall:  netgear rp114
CPU:  AMD K-6 3D 400MHz
Motherboard:  AMD
Memory:  128MB
Hard disk:  13.6GB
Network adapter:  Linksys 100Mbps
Server Software:  Windows Server 2003
UPS:  Im working on getting one.
Future plans: buy a DSL line thats atleast 768kbps both ways, upgrade to cisco equipment, buy UPS's for everything.

Registered Username:  Mntsnow 
Website: and many others
DNS:  Run my own DNS servers (3 of them)
Connection type:  DSL
Speed (down/up):  1meg x 1meg 
Router/Firewall:  Cisco 2621, Linksys, SMC & SME Server/Gateway 
CPU:  Primary Webserver is dual p3 1 gig    Secondary Webserver XP2200+
Motherboard:  Intel STL2 , MSI KT3Ultra
Memory:  1 gig ecc, 1 gig ddr
Hard disk:  (4) 36 gig 10K rpm Scsi in Raid 5 on 3si raid card, Dual IDE 40 gig 7200rpm Raid 1 on Fastrak Raid
Network adapter:  Dual Intel 10/100
Server Software:  SME 5.5 , Win2K Advanced Server
UPS:  Powerware Prestige 9 (1.5KVA) , APC Smartups 2200 (2KVA)
Future plans: Upgrade my DNS Servers to dual proc boxes and convert all my servers to Rackmount cases.

DNS: (will change in a few weeks)
Connection type:  cable modem
Speed (down/up):  64/16
Router/Firewall:  none/linux iptables
CPU:  intel s.478 celeron 2.0ghz
Motherboard:  asus p4sdr
Memory:  128mb pc133 apacer
Hard disk:  80gb maxtor
Network adapter:  cnet 10/100 X3
Server Software:  redhat linux 8, apache, php 4.3, qmail,mysql
UPS:  none
Future plans: buy a smart ups, upgrade to high speed cable connection, upgrade
ram to 512, and live to my 70th using my home web server for fun.

Registered Username: casacota
Connection type:  ADSL (6 km phone line)
Speed (down/up):  256/128
Router/Firewall:  Software, Zonaalarm pro., DSL USB MODEM Telefónica/Mac
System Co. Ltd.
CPU:  Pentium II 300 MHz
Motherboard:  IBM ThinkPad 570
Memory:  64 MB
Hard disk:  10 GB
Network adapter:  none
Server Software:  Apache 2.0.43 on Win 2000 server
UPS:  Powered with solar panels and batteries, no AC power
Future plans: Keep running...

Registered Username: realize12
Connection type: Qwest DSL
Speed (down/up):  646K, 256K
Router/Firewall: Linksys 4 Port 
Server System:  Dell PowerEdge 500SC
Memory:  640MB PC133 ECC Sdram
Hard disk:  2 40GB WD, 7200 RPM (1 boot and other storage)
Network adapter:  Intel Pro 100+
Server Software:  Windows 2000 Server with IIS 5.0
FTP Server: Guild FTP 0.999.8
UPS:  none
Email Server: Mdaemon Pro 6.7
Future plans: Mirrored Raid..... Anything else that I can think of.....

Registered Username: e980238
Connection type: Cable
Speed (down/up): 10Mb/1Mb (Optimum Online)
Router/Firewall: Cisco uBR924 Cable Modem Router
CPU: Ultra Sparc 5 @ 360 MHz
Motherboard: Sun Microsystems
Memory: 320 MB
Hard disk: 60 GB
Network adapter: 100baseT
Server Software: Aurora Linux (, MySQL, Apache, BIND,
SSH, vsftp, Squid, POP3, PHP, and Perl
UPS: 500VA Blackout Buster
Future plans:  Spontaneously buy stuff from ebay

Registered Username: dgod40 
DNS: no-ip and
Connection type: cable
Speed (down/up): 1.5/256
Router/Firewall: No hardware router, Sygate Personal Firewall
Motherboard: ASUS P3B-F
Memory: 294MB
Hard disk: 2 20 GIG 7200 Drives (Maxtor/Samsung)
Network adapter: D-Link 10 /100
Server Software: Win2K Pro (IIS for WWW, GuildFTP for FTP, Imail ver 6.06 for mail)
Future plans: Main thing is to move over to Win2k Server. This 10 max conn. in is not enough. I may also move the mailserver to another box and buy a router.

Registered name: CBLL
Connection type: Cable Modem
Speed (down/up): 600/190
Router/Firewall: Linksys BEFSR41
CPU: AMD K6 533 MHz
Motherboard: Compaq
Memory: 128 MB
Hard disk: Maxtor 40 GB
Network adapter: SMC EtherCard 10/100
Server Software: Apache 2.0.43 (Win32), PHP 4.1.0, Perl 5.6.1, Python 2.2, Cold Fusion Express, and MySQL
UPS: None, not enough power problems to bother.
Future plans: Its all good for now, website is fast with 533 MHz machine taking place of Pentium 133. Apache on Windows runs REALLY good...better than PWS.

Connection type: ADSL
Speed (down/up): 1M / 160k
Router/Firewall: Linksys Router BEFSR41
CPU: Pentium 133 MHz
Motherboard: Fugu Tech
Memory: 32MB 
Hard disk: 720MB 
Network adapter: Linksys Ether PCI LAN Card II 
Server Software: Linux RedHat, Apache
UPS: None 
Future plans: Install UPS, upgrade PC

Username:  andyc
Website:  Main is, but also hosts, and
DNS: (as part of domain registration).
Connection:  ADSL
Speed:  512k down/128k up
Router:  Kerio WinRoute Pro running on the same server.
CPU:  Celeron 433mhz
Mainboard:  Some all-onboard board with i815 chipset
Memory: 128Mb PC133
HD:  1x 2.1Gb System, 1x 3.6Gb Data + Logfiles
Network:  1x onboard NIC facing ADSL modem, 1x Realtek 8139-based PCI card facing internal LAN.
Software:  Windows 2000 Server (IIS WWW & FTP), WinRoute Pro (NAT + Mail + DNS), ServersAlive monitor, PCAnywhere
UPS:  Mustek.  Carries Server, DSL modem, monitor and home PBX.
Future:  Use server to play MP3s as PBX music-on-hold.  Hardware RAID.

Registered Username:  jblaut
DNS:  My own -,
Connection type:  Bridged ADSL with multiple static IP addresses 
Speed (down/up):  1024kbps/128kbps
Router/Firewall:  No hardware router, Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0.15A 
CPU:  Pentium 4 1.8Ghz Socket 423 
Motherboard:  Abit BW-7 P4 Socket 423
Memory:  1GB PC133 SDRAM (1x 512MB DIMM + 2x 256MB DIMMs)
Hard disk:  Seagate Barracuda ATA IV 60GB 7200RPM Primary Drive, IBM Deskstar 60GXP 60GB 7200RPM Secondary Drive
Network adapter:  10/100Mbit TrendNet TE100-PCIWN (Realtek 8139 controller) Network
Server Software:  Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP3 - IIS 5.0 Web Server, Serv-U FTP server, Merak 3.00.120 Pro SMTP/ESMTP/POP3/IMAP4 Mail server, MySQL 3.23.47 Database server, Apache Jakarta Tomcat 4.0.4 JSP Server, MS Windows 2000 DNS server, PHP 4.2.1, ActiveState Perl
UPS:  None
Future plans: By next year I should have a second server; this time running RedHat Linux.

Username: lotas
Website:,,, and
Connection type: Cable, NTL 600 down, 128k up, Terayon modem
Speed (down/up): 600 down, 128k up
Router/Firewall: This server acts as a firewall / router to the network 
CPU: AMD K6-II (4.5 x 100 MHz = 450 MHz)
Motherboard: Not sure!
Memory: 192 Megs RAM CAS 3 - (1 x 128 and 1X64)
Hard disk: Maxtor 30GB IDE Hard Drive (5400 rpm) ATA133
Network adapter: 2 Realtek NE2000-PCI based cards. 10mb/s. one is hub, one to modem
Server Software: Gentoo Linux ( running apache 1.3.27, PHP 4.2.2, MySQL, Mod_gzip mod_perl, ETC.

Website :
DNS : forwarded to static IP
Connection : Demon ADSL
Speed : 512/256
Router/Firewall : Efficieny Networks 5861
CPU : PII 200
Motherboard : Aquaanta DL
Memory : 96 mb
HDD : 4gb
Network : Accton 100mb
Server Software : nt4 with IIS & locked down
Future plans : get a decent server - done on a shoesting - but it works!!

Registered Username: rickyz 
Connection type: cable
Speed (down/up): 1.5/256
Router/Firewall: Linksys BEFSR41
CPU: 466 Mhz Celeron
Motherboard: Intel 810 chipset 
Memory: 384MB SDRAM
Hard disk: 120GB WD SE 8MB cache
Network adapter: Intel pro 100
Server Software: .net server 2002 beta/IIS 6.0 (no problems so far?!?) Still configuring argosoft pro email.
UPS: Blackout buster 1000
Future plans: Cool thing about this is my out of pocket cost right now is only $400 because the computer was off Ebay, hard drive had awesome rebate and RAM is dead cheap.  The software 
is on beta from MS now so I have a year of using it.  If all goes well, will get the licensed 2003 .net server when it is released.

Registered Username: Abit667
Website: , + loads of sub domains
Connection type:  Comcast Cable "silver"
Speed (down/up):  200Kb/s / 14Kb/s
Router/Firewall:  LinkSys BEFSR41
CPU:  AMD K6/2 300
Motherboard:  Tyan Trinity 1000AT
Memory:  196megs
Hard disk:  Seagate Barracuda 4Gb 7200Rpm SCSI-II
Network adapter:  RealTek 8019 ISA 10BaseT
Server Software:  Windows 2000 Adv. Server, IIS 5
UPS:  It died...
Future plans: Start charging all the noobs who I give free pages too so that I can get a faster line for the server so that the pages don't load like a mofo (14Kb/s upload sucks).  I also plan on getting a better hd for it because I fear this on is going to die taking like 30 sites and hours of hard work with it.  If I get a faster line I will get a new mobo for my dual PIII-450s and run the websites on one cpu and have some game servers running on the others.

Registered Username:  caser85
Connection type:  ADSL
Speed (down/up):  1.5mbps / 128mbps
Router/Firewall:  Linksys 4-port wireless router
CPU:  Pentium 3 1GHz
Motherboard:  Dell factory motherboard
Memory:  256Mb
Hard disk:  20Gb
Network adapter: Dell standard 
Server Software:  Windows XP Pro
UPS:  none
Future plans: Well, right now I'm running all of this on my laptop (Inspiron 8100), so some day I would like to get a regular server! Also, I'm running IIS on XP pro so that means I have a 10 connection limit. So I may switch to Apache with MySQL on Windows soon because I can't afford Windows 2000 server right now.