Step-by-Step: Registering a Domain Name with
Updated: January 13, 2001

Here you can follow along as I register the domain name

Here is the front page for

You can use the form to lookup available domains or register the one you want.

The webpage tells me that "dslwebserver" is available in .com, .org, and .net. I only want the domain so I check that box and then choose a 1 year registration length. Now click "Click here for Step 3".

Since I'm a new customer, I have to create a new account with I click on "Continue".

Just fill in the blanks:

The summary info is on the next screen and they fill in the technical info for you. You can change the technical information later or you can use the nameservers as place holders.  The domainmonger nameservers are not actually available for your use, but simply allow you to register a domain name without having to have two nameservers of your own available.  Once you get your own nameservers ready, you can then change the technical information to represent this.

At this screen you agree to their terms of contract and enter you billing information:

Final screen telling you that your domain is now registered:

It will take a few days before your domain becomes active, but in the meantime, we need to change the technical contact information and nameserver information so when people go to our domain, they will reach the correct nameservers. Right now the nameservers are those of We need to change the nameservers to

At the homepage, click on "Manage your Domain". You will be taken to a login page and after that, a domain management page:

Click on "Technical" and then replace the current technical contact with the following information. This information changes the technical contact to

The Public DNS
Granite Canyon Group
6940 N. Academy Blvd. #412
Colorado Springs, CO 80918, US
Phone: 408-273-6098 
Fax: 408-273-6098

You should see this confirmation when your changes are successful:

Now we must change the nameserver information. click on "Name Servers". You will see this screen:

Check the "Remove" boxes next to each existing nameserver and hit "save configuration". This will delete the two existing name servers.

After the screen refreshes, we will enter our first nameserver. Enter "NS1.GRANITECANYON.COM". and hit "Add Name Server"

Now repeat it again with "NS2.GRANITECANYON.COM".

Make sure to hit the "Save configuration" button!

If everything went correctly, you should see this now:

Now you are done setting up your technical contact and nameservers. You'll have to wait around 72 hours according to before your domain becomes active. Don't you feel good that your domain is now nice and secure? Breathe a sigh of relief....

After a few days, you can check if your domain has been registered correctly and can be looked up in the world wide whois database. I like to use networksolutions' whois utility, but any whois program will work.

Here you'll see that when I lookup, the utility thinks that the domain is still available and asks if I would like to register it:

Wait a few days and then you'll get this:

Your domain is officially registered!

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