Step-by-Step: Registering Your Zone File at
Updated: May 30, 2001

Before you go through this process you must make sure that you have already designated as your primary and secondary nameservers.  You do this my going to the place you registered your domain (,, and they will have an option to specify the primary and secondary nameservers.  To use they must be set as:

Primary Name Server: NS1.GRANITECANYON.COM 
Secondary Name Server: NS2.GRANITECANYON.COM

Once this setup is done and can be looked up by a WHOIS utility, then you can then progress to this setup.

Also, you need to have a zone file prepared to submit.  Here is how to write one: Step by Step: How to write a zone file

Here we go:

Go to

Click on "Create Primary DNS" on the left menu:

You will see the form on the right window:

Fill out your domain name and a password of your choice:

You will see the following screen:

SOA (Start of Authority):
Fill in your domain:
Email: This MUST a email that is active now, so that means it cannot be because that would not be active yet.

RR: Put in the zone file that you wrote from the example file.  (Step by Step: How to write a zone file)
Note: this screenshot has an older version of the zone file which is why it looks different from the example format.  Use the example one, not the screenshot format.

Then hit save. You should see the following confirmation:

Hit "back" on your web browser then when the form comes back up with all your information in it, hit "send" to submit the data to the name servers.  If there are no DNS syntax error, you should see the following response:

What do you do if you get errors? Read the error messages carefully and go back to your zone file and see if you can track down exactly what the problem is. If you're really stuck, go to our online forums and ask for help

Within a few seconds you should get an email from that looks like this:

Hit "forward" on your email program and forward the message to:

This is a confirmation email that has received your submission and also to confirm that you really exist. This DOES NOT mean that you zone files have been implemented in the primary and secondary name servers.

You must wait a few hours to get a separate email from both the primary and secondary nameservers before you know your submission is complete.

Here are the emails saying that your changes will be implemented in the next nameserver reload.
From nameserver 1:

From nameserver 2:

This means the changes are scheduled to be inputted into the nameservers but you need to wait until the nameservers actually update their information. They say that they update the nameservers every 24 hours but sometimes they may take up to a few days. Hey, it's a free service remember?

You can see when the nameservers are updated by clicking on the "status update" link on the left menu. This is the screen you should see:

If the computer cannot find your domain, the problem may lie in two places. It could be that your domain is registered but not updated in all the databases around the world. Or it could be that the DNS nameserver is not configured correctly. Go to the troubleshooting section of this guide to figure out these problems.


We did it! We bulldozed through the most difficult part of setting up a webserver. Everything should be easier from now here on.

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