Step-by-Step: MailEnable Standard Edition - Email Client Configuration
February 22, 2004

This guide assumes that you have already installed and configured MailEnable Standard Edition on your system.  If you have not, please look at this article: MailEnable Standard Edition - Installation

Email Client Configuration

Now let's setup the email client side of things.  Most of you will probably be using Outlook Express that comes with Windows 2000 or XP.  In this example we'll use Outlook Express that comes with Windows XP.  If you use a different email client, the configuration steps are similar.

Start --> Programs --> Outlook Express


Click on the "Tools" Menu and then "Accounts".  Select the "Mail" tab.


Click "Add".  Select "Mail".  A wizard will begin.


I'll put in my name.  Click "Next".


Type in the email address that you will be checking.  In this case, it's "".  Click "Next".


MailEnable is a POP3 server so make sure that is selected in the first drop down box.

Here you put in the name of the mail server for incoming and outgoing mail.  In this example, it is "".  The domain name or subdomain name you put in here depends on how you setup your zone record for this domain name.  Some people use for their mail server.  In my zone record for, I used "" as the mail server address.

Click "Next".

Here you have to put in the information that you entered when you created the mailbox for each user.  Remember, in our example, the Account name is = mailboxname@postofficename.  Which for me is brianlee@dell-500sc.  It is NOT  That is the email address, not the account name.

The password is the one you assigned the mailbox.

Leave (SPA) unchecked.

Click "Next".


You'll see this message, click "Finish".


You'll be taken back to this screen.


We're not quite done.  We've just setup the email client to authenticate to receive email, but now we need to setup Outlook Express to authenticate to send email.

Select the account ( and click "properties" on the right hand menu.


Click on the "Servers" tab.


Click the box "My server requires authentication".


Click on the "Settings" box and make sure that "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is checked.


Click "OK" until all the dialog boxes are closed.

Now click "Send/Recv" and select "Send and Receive All".  Or you could just hit "Ctrl+M".


Outlook will connect to your server and fetch whatever emails are there and put them in your Inbox.


You can test this yourself by trying to send and receive emails from different email accounts to your newly setup mailserver.


MailEnable has many features that I did not cover here.  Check out the documentation for all the other things it can do.


MailEnable Standard Edition - Configuration

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