Step-by-Step: MailEnable Standard Edition - Installation
February 22, 2004

Here I'll show you how to install and configure MailEnable Standard Edition which is a free and very good mail server program.  Did I mention it's free?


Go to and scroll down to "MailEnable Standard Edition (Free)".  Click on "Download" and save the installation program on your computer.


Double-click on the installation file to begin.  You'll see this warning.  Click "OK".


Here is the welcome screen.  Click "Next".


At this screen, type in your name and company name.  Click "Next".


Read the Terms and Conditions and click "Next".


Here you choose the installation directory for the program.  Default is fine.  Click "Next".


Here you choose the program group.  Default is fine.  Click "Next".

MailEnable needs a file storage location for its configuration and messaging data.  Default is fine.  Click "Next".


Here you specify the post office name.  Most people only need to create one post office.  Since this post office can host many domain names, it is a good idea to give the post office a general name, not one of a domain.  So in the example, I'm naming my post office "Dell-500sc".  You also specify a password here.  Click "Next".


Here you enter the:

  • Domain name that you want to receive email from.
  • DNS servers (the ones that your DSL or Cable ISP gives you, not the ones for your domain name.  In other words, the DNS servers that show up when you type in "ipconfig /all" at the command prompt.)
  • Port number which is typically port 25.  Click "Next".


Installation is ready to begin.  Click "Next".


When installation is done, you'll see this readme notice.  click "OK".


Installation is now done.  Click "Finish".


Your computer must be restarted now.  Click "OK".


Next Step: MailEnable Standard Edition - Configuration

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