Step-by-Step: Port Forwarding on an Asante FR3000 DSL/Cable Router
March 23, 2003

This guide will show you how to enable port forwarding on the Asante FriendlyNET Cable/DSL Router FR3000 Series.  This article assumes that you already have the router up and functioning.

To log into your router, fire up your web browser and type in "".


You should see the following login screen.


Type in the password to the router and click "Login".  You'll see the "Router Status" page.


Click on the "Advanced" button at the top of the menu.  You'll see this.


Scoll to the bottom of the page where it says "Distributed Services Setup".

Here is where you enter the port number you would like to forward.  In our example, we'll open up port 80 and port 25 and forward all requests to these ports to a server located at "".  Make sure to check the "enable" box.  This is what our screen looks like.


Now click the "Apply New Distributed Servers Setting" button.  The page will automatically refresh and you'll see the message in red that reads "Your Router must be restarted for changes to take effect."


Now click the "Restart Router" button.  A dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm.  Click "OK".


As the router restarts you'll see this message:


Then the router will display the router status page again.  You can click "Log Out".


Now let's see if our ports are really open or not.  Go to the Test/Tools section and do a port scan .  You should see that the ports that you just opened are in fact listed as open.

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