Step-by-Step: Reboot or Shutdown Host Computer Using Remote Desktop
April 4, 2004

How do you reboot or shutdown a host computer remotely when using Remote Desktop?  Good question.

As you can see in the "Start" menu, there isn't an option to reboot or shutdown the computer.  The only options are to "Log Off" or "Disconnect".


Here's how to shutdown or reboot a computer administered by Remote Desktop.

Start --> Run


The "Run" dialog box appears.


Type in "taskmgr" without the quotation marks.  Notice the spelling.  Click "OK".

The Windows Task Manager will open.


In the "Shut Down" menu you can see all the options for the computer.  You can Log Off and Disconnect plus you have the option of Restarting or Turning Off the computer.


If you choose the Restart option, the computer will reboot without any additional confirmation prompt.  I found this out accidentally as I was writing this article!

If you choose the Turn Off the computer option, you'll get this dialog box before the computer turns off.


The message pretty much says that you better be sure that you want to turn off that computer since there is no way to restart it remotely.  Be careful with this option.  That is probably why Microsoft stuck the option in the Task Manager instead of the Start menu.

There you go.  Now you know how to remotely reboot and shut down a computer using Remote Desktop.

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