Step-by-Step: Installing Remote Desktop (Standard) Client on Non-Windows XP computers
December  21, 2003

This guide assumes that you have already read and understand what Remote Desktop is all about.  If you haven't looked at it yet, please read: Remote Desktop Overview

You must also have already performed this step: Installing Remote Desktop (Standard) Host

On computers using Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, or 2000, you can install the Remote Desktop Standard client software that is on the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM.  Or you can download the software directly from Microsoft.  You can get it here: Remote Desktop Connection Software Download.  This guide will show you how to install the program off the CD-ROM.

Pop in the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM.  You'll see this:  Select "Perform additional tasks".


Select "Set up Remote Desktop Connection".


You'll see this:


Click "Next".

Read the License Agreement and check the box labeled "I accept" and click "Next".


At this screen, type in your username and organization if you have one.  Then select the box which allows either all users or just you to use the Remote Desktop client.

Click "Next".


Click "Install".


The Remote Desktop Client is now installed.  Click "Finish".


Remote Desktop Standard Client is now installed!

Next step: Using Remote Desktop (Standard) Client

Installing Remote Desktop (Standard) Host

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