Step-by-Step: Using Remote Desktop (Web) Client
December 21, 2003

This guide assumes that you have already read and understand what Remote Desktop is all about.  If you haven't looked at it yet, please read: Remote Desktop Overview

You must also have already performed this step: Installing Remote Desktop (Web) Host

Fire up your web browser and go to the domain name or IP address + port number + /tsweb

For example, if your domain name is and you are running the webserver on port 81, then you would point your browser to:

If you are using port 80, then you can leave out the port number:
If you are not running a webserver and are only using IIS for Remote Desktop Web connection, I would highly suggest that you change the default port number from 80 to something else.

Once you point your website to the proper location, you'll see this:


Then after a few seconds, you'll see this.  Click "Yes".


The screen will disappear and now you can login to the Remote Desktop Web Host. 

Type in the domain name or IP number of the server into the line "Server".  Even if you're not using port 80, don't put the port number after the IP address here.  Just the domain name or IP address.  Under "Size" Full Screen is fine.  Click "Connect".


You'll be prompted for a user name and password.  Enter them here and Click "OK".


Now you're logged into the Remote Desktop Web Host.  By default, there will be a toolbar at the top of the screen which you can use to minimize, maximize, or close the Remote Desktop Window.  I like working the Remote Desktop in full screen mode, but you can also run it as simply another window on your local computer.

 To Quit the session, click the "X" at the top of the screen or select "Disconnect" from the "Start" menu.  You can sever the connection at anytime and whatever you were working on in the remote computer will continue.  You are simply disconnected.

This last guide shows you how to restart and reboot the Host computer over Remote Desktop:
Reboot or Shutdown Host Computer Using Remote Desktop

Installing Remote Desktop (Web) Host

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