Step-by-Step: Easy Access Log Files Shortcut in Windows 2000
Updated: February 23, 2001

Want a quick and easy way to check your log files in Windows 2000?  Just put a shortcut on your desktop!

This article is for both Windows 2000 Professional and Server Editions.  The only difference is that in the server editions, you will have several log file directories while in the professional edition, there is only one log file directory.  This guide was made using the server editions for the screenshots.

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Services Manager


Right click on your website name then select "Properties"  This will take you to the main control page for the website.


At the bottom of the windows at the "Enable Logging" check box, click on "Properties".  This will take you to the log file control panel for the website.


You can choose to change whichever setting you like.  At the bottom of the screen, take note of what location it says the log files will be generated to.

In my case, it will put the log files in directory "W3SVC17".

Open up windows Explorer and click "My Computer" -> "C:" -> "WINNT" -> "System32" -> "LogFiles".  Find the name of the directory that is listed in the log file control panel then right click on the directory then click "Send to" then "Desktop (Make shortcut)".


You'll see this somewhere on your desktop.


Rename it to something that make more sense to you.


Then when you want to check your log files to see who has been visiting your site, just double click on the folder and take a look at the individual log files for that day.

Now you don't have to go digging through several directories to find your log files.  Don't you love shortcuts?

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