Step-by-Step: Setting up SMTP Email in Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server
Updated: January 16, 2001

In order for your server to receive email that is directed to your domain name, you must setup the SMTP mail program.  Something that you probably didn't know was that all mail that gets directed to your domain will end up on your server, however, your server cannot distribute the mail to individual users unless your have additional software setup to act as a POP server or some other type of mail server.  So instead, the mail will all be dropped into a directory on your hard disk and you can simply read it there.  This works great if you're the only one who gets mail at a particular domain name, but if you want to create user accounts so other people can get email from your website, then you'll have to explore other mail serving programs. 

Here we'll go through the quick and dirty way of just funneling all email directed to your domain (admin@dslwebserver, dork@dslwebserver, * into a folder which you can access later.  If you don't go through the process, your mail will be bounced from the server and you will never get it.

Here you can learn from my mistakes.  I have several domains names/websites and I thought that you had to create a new virtual server for each domain name/website.  I found out that you may or may not have to do this.

If you have several domain names and each domain names is associated with its own IP number, then you create a new virtual SMTP server for each IP number.

However, if you are like me and have several websites that are sharing just 1 IP number, then you do not create new virtual SMTP servers but create aliases within each virtual SMTP server.

Got it?  Good.

Here we'll go through how to create aliases for a new domain name within the current virtual SMTP server.

Here we go:
Let's first get to the Internet Services Manager where we can control the setup of our webserver.

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Services Manager

Scroll down to "Default SMTP Virtual Server" and click on the "+" sign to expand the view.

Right click on "Domains", select "New", then select "Domain"

A wizard pops up and asks for an option.  Choose on "Alias".  Click "Next".

Here you will enter the domain name that the virtual SMTP webserver will receive email from.  I enter "".  Click on "Finish" and we're done!

Now your webserver will receive all email directed towards that domain and dump it into "C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Drop"  The email will not have a pretty name but instead will look like "0dfd619001c06fd000000448"  If you double click on the file, Outlook will launch and open the email.  From there you can handle it just like any other piece of email.  I made a shortcut on my desktop to the "Drop" folder so I don't have to dig through the directory to check email.

Use Explorer and go to "C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Drop"  Right click on "Drop" then click "Send to" then select "Desktop (Create Shortcut)".  Just double click on the shortcut to check your email!

Email yourself from a web based or unix based email program and you should see the email immediately show up in your Drop box.  You can also see that I created a sub directory called "Old" within the "Drop" folder.  This way I can move email I want to keep into the "Old" folder and keep things organized.

Low tech, but it works great for me.

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