Step-by-Step: Setting up IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000 Professional - FTP Server
Updated: February 20, 2001

Continued from IIS 5.0 - Installation and Webserver

The FTP service.  Right click on "Default FTP Site" and select "Properties".

Tab: FTP Site
Description - change the name to what you like
IP Address - Can leave as "All unassigned" or the specific IP address of your computer.
TCP Port - Port 21 is default and should stay the same
Connections - Like the Web service, 10 is your maximum amount of connections
Log Files - You should log who is coming to your site
Current Sessions - Lists the people who are currently visiting your site.

Tab: Security Accounts
Allow Anonymous Connections - This depend on what you want to do with your FTP server.
Username - This is the account name that is given to the ftp user.  It takes the form "IUSR_(your computer name)".  Do not delete this account in your control panel otherwise people will not be able to use any of your Internet Services.
FTP Site Operators - Controls who gets to administer your FTP site.

Tab: Messages
Welcome: Type in your greeting or leave it blank.
Exit: Same as Welcome
Maximum connections: Insert any number less than 10 since you're capped at 10.  If you have 10 ftp connections, that means that nobody will be able to visit your website since the ftp and web both share 10 connections together.

Tab: Home Directory
Local path: This you can change.  Actually it makes more sense to make the root FTP directory one level up from your website since you will probably administer your website using FTP.

Tab: Directory Security
Not an option using this version of IIS under Windows 2000 Professional


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