Step-by-Step: Installing ZoneAlarm Firewall
February 1, 2004

This guide will show you how to install and configure ZoneAlarm on your server.  ZoneAlarm is one of the best free software firewalls out there.  For a server configuration, I highly recommend that you put the server behind a router which provides a layer of security through the use of either NAT or a firewall.  Then on top of using a router, you should also use a software firewall such as ZoneAlarm.  ZoneAlarm is good because it's free, it works well, and it analyzes traffic going both in and out of your computer.  The paid versions of ZoneAlarm such as ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Plus are good, but since I like free, ZoneAlarm Free is for us.  Plus it does a good enough job that I feel it isn't necessary to upgrade to the Pro and Plus versions.  Your situation may be different but for the most part, ZoneAlarm Free is good enough for most people.

The instructions here show how to setup ZoneAlarm for a webserver, but for a workstation, the steps are the same except that the security would be tighter for workstation since a webserver needs ports to be open to serve pages.

Let's install this program.

Go to

Click on "Home/Office Products".

Click on "ZoneAlarm".  Don't click on "ZoneAlarm Pro" or "ZoneAlarm Plus".  We want the free version.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Download ZoneAlarm".

Once you download the file, double-click on it to begin installation.

Here you choose which directory to install ZoneAlarm into.  You can leave it as default.  Click "Next".


Now we type in our user information.  If you want to be able to download updates, then you'll need to check the box "I want to register ZoneAlarm so I can download updates".

Click "Next".


Read the license agreement, check the box, and click "Install".


Installation will now begin.


Here is a short survey you can choose to fill out or not.  Click "Finish".


You will be prompted to start ZoneAlarm now, click "Yes".


At this window you will be offered to try ZoneAlarm Pro for 15 days.  We don't want to do this so click "Select ZoneAlarm" (not pro).  Then click "Next".


Installation is now done, Click "Finish".


At this Welcome screen, click "Next".


Here we review Alert Settings.  Make sure that the box "Alert me whenever ZoneAlarm blocks traffic" is checked.  DO NOT check "Don't alert me at all - protect my computer silently".

Click "Finish".


At this window, we preconfigure ZoneAlarm access permissions.

Select "Yes".

Click "Finish".

Here there is an option for eBay Fraud Prevention.  This is up to you.  In this example, I'll click "No".  Click "Next".


Now there is a tutorial that you should definitely read.  I'll post the screenshots from the tutorial here.


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Step 9 of 9


Next step is to configure ZoneAlarm: Configuring ZoneAlarm Firewall

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