Shuttle SV24 Mini Barebones System - Page 1
December 28, 2001

Product: Shuttle SV24
Manufacturer: Shuttle
Price: $250
Author: Brian Lee
Page: 1

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As a little kid, there were those toys you just had to have.  Maybe you saw it in the toy store or maybe it was at your friends house, but the second you laid your eyes on that toy, you knew you had to have it.  There was something about that toy that made you want it, something about it was so saliva inducing, that you would think about that toy all day long.  When you finally got the toy for your birthday or Christmas, all your friends would drool over your toy as well.

Fast forward a few years and now we are in the present.  You are a computer enthusiast (euphemism for "geek") and you love computers.  You surf the web and check hardware news sites on a daily basis keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest computer hardware.  You're looking to recapture the feeling of holding a prized toy once again.  Let me introduce you to a possible candidate, the Shuttle SV24 mini barebones system.

Why the lengthy and drawn-out introduction above?  The answer is simple: every person I have shown the Shuttle SV24 to, computer geek and non computer geek alike, has wanted to posses one.  That is a pretty good indicator of what Shuttle has done right with this computer system.

Let me state right off the bat, this system is not aimed at the performance market.  The SV24 is aimed at people who want a small, attractive, versatile machine that can be used in many applications where a traditional PC might be of an ill fit.  Possible uses of the SV24 include serving as a portable LAN gaming box, a home entertainment MP3 or DVD server, workstation in an nice office, or a home webserver (now we're talking!).  I'm sure that you can think of many instances where the SV24 would be preferable over a regular PC based on its size and style.  Considering that most people don't need 2.0 GHz computers for most normal tasks, the SV24 starts to look even more attractive.

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The first thing you'll notice about the SV24 is that it is small.  How small?  So small that it uses a Flex ATX motherboard format.  The next thing you'll notice is that the case is made of aluminum.  This makes the case extremely light.  The entire frame is made of aluminum, not just the outer case and face plate.  Just by holding the case, I was surprised at how easy it is to pick up the computer and move it around.  As with all aluminum cases, I'm always worried about durability since aluminum is a rather soft metal.  However, after working with this case for several weeks, there as been no problems with dents, scratches, or bending.  Under most conditions, the case is as resistant to flexing as normal steel cases are.