Tests and Tools

All the FREE tools here are either already on your operating system or are tools that other websites provide. I list them here for your convenience.  If you have any tests or tools you would like to see listed here, please email me.

Online Port Scanners:
In order to run a webserver, you need to make sure your ports are open.  If they are closed, then you may have to use different port numbers.  These tools will scan your ports and let you know if your ports are open or closed.

Online Security/Vulnerability Tests: Speed Tests:
Are you getting the speed that you paid for? Make sure you are by using these tests and see how close they are to the claimed speeds of your provider. A good rule is that if you get 90% of the claimed speed, your are in good shape. Internet Tools: IP/DNS Tools:
  • FREEping - This program was actually designed to monitor your network by pinging specify computers.  However, it works great at keeping your DSL/Cable connection alive and prevents your IP number from changing by maintaining traffic on your network.  Pings a specific IP address or domain name at an interval you specify.  Works only with Windows.
  • DNSStuff - Another full featured website for your DNS needs
  • WhatIsMyIP.com - Use this handy website to find out what your external WAN IP address is.
  • ARIN: Whois
  • RegisterFly.com Whois
  • DomainMonger.com Whois
  • NetworkSolutions.com Whois
  • "Whois" in any version of Unix or Linux computer that is connected to the Internet.
  • Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me - Type in "winipcfg" at the Run prompt and choose the network adapter that is connected to the Internet. Here you can see what IP number your provider assigned you if you have a dynamically assigned IP address. Click "Release all" dumps the current IP number assigned to that card. "Renew all" asks for a new IP number from your provider (if connected to the WAN) or DHCP server (if connected to the LAN). Very useful for troubleshooting
  • Windows 2000 - Type in "ipconfig /all" at the Command prompt (DOS prompt window) to see the configuration of your network cards. To see the other commands type in "ipconfig /?" Useful ones will be "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew". "ipconfig /release" dumps the current IP number assigned to that card and "ipconfig /renew" asks for a new IP number from your provider (WAN) or DHCP server (LAN).

Speed Tweaks:

  • SpeedGuide.net - Like the name says, learn how to get the most from your DSL/Cable connection.
  • DSLreports.com - Optimize your Windows network settings for the best broadband performance.
Domain Name Availability: Webpage Counter/Stats:
  • Analog - Log file analyzer.  Generates customizable reports.  Works on most operating systems.
  • AWStats - A free tool that generates advanced web (but also ftp, syslog or mail) server access statistics graphically
  • Fast Counter - A small and simple counter for your website.
  • Counted - in-depth statistics and information about your visitors
  • ExtremeTracking - detailed information about your visitors
  • FireDaemon - Turns programs into services.
  • Greyware Autoexec Service - Runs batch files when booting up without somebody logging in.
  • Website Uptime Monitoring Service - Monitors the uptime of your website.
  • Web Album Generator - A software application that helps you create web photo albums, including thumbnails.
  • Search & Replace 98 - A text search and replace tool that works on single text/html files or an entire directory of files.
  • TestPath 1.3 - The program reads all the files in the source path and its subdirectories and then compares them bit by bit with the files in the destination path. 
  • Broadbandbuyer.com - a free service that helps you find, shop, and compare broadband service providers 
  • Atomz.com - Add a search function to your website.