Updates: April 2004

April 18, 2004
Added several new entries to the Member Sites page.  It's always interesting to see what other people are running for their websites.

I also added a few more sites to the ISP Hot List.  If you know of some home webserver friendly ISP's let me know! 

April 11, 2004
Want to remote control your computer?  If you have Windows XP Professional, you can use Remote Desktop.  If you don't use Windows XP Professional, you can still get remote control using UltraVNC.  UltraVNC is an excellent fast & free remote control, and file transfer program.  Here are 2 new Step-by-Step guides on how to use it.

April 4, 2004
I added the final chapter to the Remote Desktop saga: I have several more guides coming out soon.  I just need to put on the finishing touches.  Hang tight!