Updates: August 2002

August 18, 2002
Added a new webserver to our Server Software section called: MiniHTTPServer.net.  Here's a blurb from the website:
Web Forum Server is a Windows 2000/XP program that allows you to setup a bulletin board system and photo/file exchange web service. It offers a built in HTTP engine, internal database engine, integrated HTML/Script pages, user management interface, message board engine, short message center and a secure file Upload/Download option as well as a photo album engine. The server is completely standalone and does not rely on other applications. The board is easy to install and configure.
Here is another promising webserver software package that is based upon Apache.  It's called HostYourOwnWeb
  • Web server to provide Internet users access to your website.
  • Graphical console to monitor and maintain your web server.
  • Dynamic Update Service to automatically associate your dynamic IP address with your domain name.
  • Watchdog Monitoring Tool to automatically ensure that your website is accessible at all times and to alert you when there is a problem. 
Added more Member Sites as well.