Updates: August 2004

August 29, 2004
Oh man, yesterdays USC vs. Virginia Tech game was ugly.  But I'm really stoked that my Trojans were able to pull out a win 24-13.  USC didn't look like the number 1 ranked team out there, but believe me, Pete Carroll will have these boys playing better and better as the season progresses.  I love college football!

I have a new guide out for you guys today:
Step-by-Step: Remote Desktop - Changing the Port Number (for security and multiple hosts)

In this guide, I'll show you how to change the port number that Remote Desktop uses.  Why would you want to do this? 

1.  For security purposes.  The standard port of 3389 that Remote Desktop uses is very well known which makes it a potential target for hackers.

2.  To allow multiple computers to run Remote Desktop Hosts from behind a router.  Since only one computer can use a given port number at anytime, we can give each computer that runs Remote Desktop Hosts a different port number so each one can be used remotely.  Otherwise, with just the standard port number of 3389, you would be able to connect to only one computer.  We can give Computer 1 port 4000, Computer 2 port 4001, and forward the appropriate ports to the correct computers.  Now you can connect to many computers behind one router, not just one.

August 22, 2004
I have a new article up today.  It's called: LCD Screen Burn - A Warning.  If you have an LCD monitor, you need to read this article.  I talk about whether or not screen burn-in happens on LCD monitors (it does) and how you can prevent and fix it.  I know it's not related to home webserving, but you should take a look anyways.

August 8, 2004
I've been doing a lot of site maintenance lately, trying to clean up dead links, update pages, etc.  I updated the ISP Hot List with many more server friendly ISP's.  I also updated the Member Sites page so check them out!