Updates: December 2003

December 28, 2003
A few new Step-by-Step guides before the New Year is here!

December 21, 2003
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  I truly hope that you have a great holiday season and use this time for reflection of the good things that you have.  We are all so blessed.  Please remember those who are less fortunate and search your heart for ways to help them.  Remember the reason for this season!

This week the subject is Windows XP Professional Remote Desktop.  I have a complete guide for setting up the host and client computers, for both Remote Desktop Standard and Remote Desktop Web Connection.  Take a look!

December 14, 2003
So let me get this straight, USC is #1 in the AP poll and #1 in the Coaches poll, yet they're not playing for the National Championship?  What the heck is going on!  USC got seriously jobbed on this one.  The BCS is a piece of crap and needs to be replaced with a better system.  The humans say USC is #1, the computers say we're #3.  Dude, the computers are so wrong on this one.  The solution?  A playoff system like every other sport out there.  Don't count on this happening anytime soon.  Why?  Because of $$$.  A playoff system would make the current bowl system irrelevant and schools would lose millions of dollars.  It is so lame that people are more concerned about money than the spirit of what sports stand for in the the first place.  People really need to wake up.

On the website side of things, I added a few more entries to the ISP Hot List.  If you know of more server friendly ISP's, let me know. 

I also have a new Step-by-Step guide.  This week the guide is: How to write a HOSTS file.  The HOSTS file is very useful to those of you who have routers that don't support loopback or are playing with Host Headers and Virtual Servers.  Check it out.

December 7, 2003
I'm starting something new here called the ISP Hot List.  What is this cheesy thing?  Well, basically, I want to start a list of DSL and Cable ISP's that are server friendly.  To be on this list, the ISP must

  • Allow servers
  • Don't block server ports like (port 80, 25, etc.)
  • Offer static IP addresses
Such ISP's are hard to find.  So hard to find that currently I only have 1 ISP listed on it.  This is the ISP that we use here at DSL/Cable Webserver.  I need your help to build this list.  If you know of a server friendly ISP, drop me an email and I'll post it.

This week I also have 4 new Step-by-Step guides.  Hopefully you'll find them useful.