Updates: January 2002

January 27, 2001
I would like to welcome our two new sponsors - VIA and Mewsoft.  Their financial support allows us to maintain this website and community as we continually grow.  Please give them a visit and see what they are offering. 

I just ran across this product recently and I think a lot of you might find it very interesting.  It's called FireDaemon and it allows you to install and run virtually any application as a Windows NT/2K service.  Here is a bit from their website.

FireDaemon features easy configuration, a low memory/CPU overhead, subprocess prioritisation and CPU binding and scheduling plus monitoring and logging to the NT/2K event log. FireDaemon runs on both Microsoft Windows NT v4.0 SP4+ (Workstation/Server) or Windows 2000 SP1+ (Professional/Server/Advanced Server).
I could think of a lot of uses for this kind of software.  For example, you could turn that pinging program that you use to keep your dsl/cable line awake into a service.  The best thing about it is that it's FREE!  I'll be putting together a step by step guide on setting up FireDaemon and FREEping in the coming weeks.

January 26, 2001
First of all, I'd like to thank everybody who has been part of the DSL/Cable Webserver community.  Our website is now 1 year old and doing very well.  I can't express how fulfilling it has been to be part of this project.  Thank you for visiting us, thank you for taking part in our online forums and thank you for all the kind emails.  I truly appreciate it.

We have a few new members in our our Member Sites section that are pretty interesting.  If you have a site that isn't listed, just drop me an email and I'll hook you up.

January 13, 2001
Due to increasing workload in the lab, I have decided to turn off Terminal Services on this server which means that I will only be able to access this server once a week.  This also means that any email sent to me will take a while to get a response (so what's new =).  So the best way to have your questions answered is to post them in the online forums we all know and love.  I check the forums several times a day so you should be able to get a hold of me that way if you really need to.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I need to focus on my projects and work on this website on the weekends.  There's just way too much temptation to work on the site when Terminal Services is enabled.. you know how it is.

If you haven't checked in a while, it might be a good time to look at our Member Sites section to see what people are doing with their webservers.  I added about ten new sites recently.  Also, look for the site is hosted on a 56k modem!  This is the first time I've seen this here.

I added a new dynamic IP address service to our DNS section called Dynu.  Take a look and see if they are offering services that you need.

Here is a interesting piece of webserver software for Win32 machines called BadBlue.  It allows you to run it as a regular webserver or as a Peer-to-Peer webserver.  I added a link in our Server Software section.  Here is what the website says:

Instantly turn your PC into a file sharing web server! BadBlue is a tiny, free download that makes sharing files easy and secure. The BadBlue peer-to-peer program will share even extremely large movie/video and music/MP3 files. And BadBlue is perfect for distributing business intelligence - it shares live Access, Excel and Word data with others (all they need is a web browser)! 
For those of you who own a Shuttle SV24, Gemma in the UK is selling silver accessories and bezels to match the aluminum case of the SV24.

January 5, 2001
Today we have a new hardware article up: Romtec Trios - Hard Drive Selector.  It might be the piece of hardware you were looking for to run multiple operating systems.  For me, it is useful to keep separate my workstation files and my gaming files.

January 1, 2001
Happy New Year 2002!  Today is January 1st and that means watching the Rose Parade and college football all day.  What a great time!

I found a few neat little webserver programs that you guys might be interested in.  They're all very small and memory friendly for the lower powered machines out there.  This also means they're not as full featured as the other offerings in our Server Software page.  However, they are still worth a look.

  • TinyWEB Server - very small Win32 daemon for regular (TCP/http)
  • TinySSL - very small Win32 daemon for secure (SSL/TLS/https)
  • thttpd - tiny/turbo/throttling web server (*nix)
  • mini_httpd - simple web server that does HTTPS (*nix)
  • micro_httpd - world's smallest web server?  (*nix)