Updates: July 2001

July 26, 2001
Okay, I said that I wouldn't post another update before my test, but somebody emailed me a cool website that I thought was pretty dang neat (and simple).

What is my external WAN IP number?
If you have a static IP address, this is the number your ISP gave you.  However, if you have a dynamic IP address, it might be harder for you to figure out your WAN IP number.  Use this cool website appropriately called WhatIsMyIP.com to find out your WAN IP is whether you have static or dynamic WAN IP address.

July 22, 2001
This will be my last update until July 30, which is when I take my exam.  Just in case you're wondering why I'm leaving you guys hanging here. :)

Well, you may or may not have noticed, but the "Powered by" sign at the top of this page has changed back to AMD.  The Cyrix cpu was having compatibility problems with my old FIC 503+.  The Cyrix was still a great chip, but the incompatibilities made me switch back to my trusty AMD K6-III 333@350.  Hey, I'm a flexible type guy.  No problems.

We now have a Linux forum in our online forums.  See, all you have to do is ask and I'll do my best to help you guys out.  This site is for you guys.

Our Member Sites now have 4 new entries listed.  Check them out, they're all pretty cool.

What else?  Oh yeah, at Compgeeks.com they have a phoneline networking kit (2 phoneline network cards) for $19.95.  This is PNA 2.0 which means it'll run at 10 Mbps.  It's also backwards compatible with PNA 1.0 networks (1 Mbps).  It's a great deal!. HomeFree Home Networking Kit - 10 Mbps!!

At the time of this update, Granitecanyon.com is down.. again.  Like I said before, use ZoneEdit.com!  They seriously blow GC out of the water.  And no, I'm not getting paid to say this.  Although I wouldn't be opposed if someone were to offer.. hehe

Have a great week!

July 19, 2001
Our latest article is now up.  Thanks for all the people who help me fine tune it.  It's a hardware related article this time.  Hopefully it won't be the last.  Here you  go: How to make a 5 volt and 7 volt wiring adapter out of a Molex Y adapter

July 15, 2001
The 10 gig HD the server was running was getting kinda full and was developing bad blocks so I replaced it with a 20 GB Quantum AT Fireball LCT 15, 4400 rpm, 512k buffer, ATA66.  No, that's not a typo, it's a 4400 rpm drive.  It's pretty slow compared to modern 5400 rpm HD's but surprisingly, it's still faster than my 5 year old 10 gig 5400 rpm.  I think it has to do with newer design and platter density.  A good thing about this HD is that it's really quiet and runs very cool.

Well, Uptimes.net has stopped it service for now.  Too bad, it was a great tool to see the uptime of servers and we used it here at DSL/Cable Webserver quite a bit.  They're planning to reopen the service later when the redesign the system.

July 8, 2001
In the Server Software section, I added a short list of popular message board / forum software that you can add to your webserver.

July 4, 2001
Happy July 4th!  I hope all of you take advantage of this day and go out and relax (even if you're not in America!  I keep forgetting that the Internet is international).  I plan on getting some good BBQ and then walking down to the local park to watch fireworks with my family.  It's one of the greatest traditions of all.

On the computer side of things, this website has been down quite a bit over the past few days.  Something's were out of my control, others were my own doing.  First of all, my DSL service had several outages in the period of 5 days.  This is unusual since they are fairly reliable.  The second thing that happened to my DSL line was my DSL ISP got DOS'd.  (Denial of Service attack).  They were down for about a day from that.  I wonder who could have caused the attack, an angry customer?  That would be the most likely.

Of my own doing, I took advantage of the downtime to perform some upgrades on the server.  These are the upgrades:

  • CPU: Cyrix MII PR433 (3 x 100 MHz = 300 MHz) up from the Cyrix PR200 (2 x 75 MHz = 150 MHz).  This is the fastest Cyrix that will still work on a Super 7 mobo so I guess it'll be the last CPU upgrade until I get a new server.
  • Memory: 256 Megs RAM CAS 2 - (2 x 128 Kingston ValueRAM PC100) up from 196 Megs.  Again, 256 is the max for this mobo so no more RAM upgrades.
  • Network adapter: Intel Pro /100+ Management Adapter.  This replaces my trusty Linksys LNE100TX which worked so well.
  • Hard disk: Repaired a bad sector.  Not really an upgrade, but still necessary.
Since my board examinations are this month, I won't be adding anything major to the site for a while.  I will be in the online forums though, so come visit me there.

Happy July 4th!