Updates: June 2002

June 30, 2002
We now have a new forum section called Chit Chat.  Basically, it's an off topic section where you can post stuff that is uh.. off topic.  Please keep it clean and no flaming!  We'll start with the classic topic of How old are you?  I hope you guys enjoy this new addition to our forums.

After a brief drought, we have some more Member Site entries.

Hmm, interesting news.  During the past week while surfing on Google, I found that somebody had complete stole the content on this website, including the network diagrams.  I can't believe the nerve of some people.  The problem has since been fixed, but I'm sure that this type of problem will rear its ugly head again.  I'd appreciate it if you could be my eyes and ears and let me know if you see any thievery going on.  Thanks.

I have a few more reviews coming up including the Logitech Z-360 2.1 speaker system and the APC 350VA UPS.  Coming soon..

I added a second UPS to my server since the old one wasn't able to support the whole load.  Currently, I the main webserver, Cobalt Qube 2, Linksys router, Linksys switch, and DSL modem spread across two UPS's.  The reason I added a second one was because I previously had all the listed items on a single UPS and it wasn't able to handle the power surge that comes when the power goes out for even a few seconds.  Now that I added the second UPS, all the equipment is protected.

Finally, I was looking for a USB sound adapter that features stereo line in.  Most USB sound adapters only have mic in which is mono.  I know the Creative Extigy can do this, but I'd rather not spend $150 bucks.  This is for one of my mad experiments.. Bwuhahahaha...  If you know of one, please drop me an email.

June 16, 2002
Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there.  I hope everybody uses this day to celebrate how important fathers are in this world.  This day is for you!  Remember, it takes a real man to be a father.

This week, I have a review of the Linksys KVM 2-Port Switch Kit - KVM100SK.  This KVM kit includes everything you need to control two computers.  It's a very nice little kit.  Check out the review.  I use my KVM everyday and it really makes administering a server much easier.

The NBA Finals weren't nearly as exciting as I'd hoped they'd be.  Anyhow - Go Lakers! 

June 9, 2002
This week I have new article about the Cobalt Qube 2.  I currently use the Qube 2 as a mail server for all my websites.  It's a cool little server.  Just to satisfy your curiosity, I took the whole server apart so you guys can see its guts.  Pretty cool eh?  Check out the article here: Inside a Cobalt Qube 2


Did any of you notice that the "Powered by AMD" link at the top of this page has been changed to "Powered by Intel"?  Ah, I miss the days when it used to read "Powered by Cyrix".  Who knows, maybe that day will return sometime soon!

When is the last time you visited WindowsUpdate.com?  If you have a Windows machine, regardless if it is being used as a server or not, you should visit that site to get critical updates and patches at least once a week.

More Member Sites as usual!  Keep them coming!  One thing I noticed is that many of you still aren't using UPS's on your servers.  Seriously, this is a big mistake.  Even if your power hasn't gone down in 5 years, you can still get all sorts of electrical crap that could mess up your server.  You can get a UPS for so cheap these days that there really isn't a reason not to get one.  What good is a cool website if people can't get to it right?

Are you guys watching the NBA finals?  Go Lakers! 

June 3, 2002
As many of you know, I've been working on a server upgrade for some time and it is now complete. We're now running on the new webserver.  Here is an article detailing the new webserver.  Yes, there are a lot of pictures!  DSL/Cable Webserver Server Upgrade - Dell PowerEdge 500sc

June 2, 2002
Can you believe that it's already June?  Does time fly or what!  I still remember when Peter Jennings stayed up for 24 hours broadcasting the arrival of the year 2000 across the globe as if it were yesterday.  Amazing.

I'd like to welcome our newest advertiser: MyServer.org.  They provide subdomain, dynamic DNS services, and many other goodies that are of interest to us home webservers.  Please take a look at their website.

Of course, we have new additions to our Member Sites.

I added a very important "Port Scanner" section to Tests/Tools.  Since running a webserver requires certain ports to be open, it is important to know if certain ports are being blocked.  These port scanners will be very useful in troubleshooting while setting up a webserver.  If you know of any other good online port scanners, please let me know.