Updates: March 2002

March 31, 2002
Thanks to an email from Mathias, I added a new webserver + operating system solution called E-smith to our Server Software page.  This software requires a dedicated computer to run.  Take a look and see if it's good for you.

March 28, 2002
In order to serve you guys better, I've upgraded my line from 768/128 to 384/384.  This means that this website will load 3x faster, but my home download speed is cut in half.  Booo.  Anything to make you guys happy.  Enjoy. 

Update 1: Actually, I'm currently having a problem with my download speed which is benchmarked at 10! It's supposed to be 384, not 10.  Wow, I now have a 10/384 line.  Time to call my ISP. :(

Update 2: 15 minutes after I email my ISP (not Verizon) I get a response from them saying that my problem was due to a router mistake and they fixed it on their side.  Instant resolution.  Now I'm hovering around 384/384.  Not too bad.  I guess I'm not watching any streaming movies anymore.  :)

March 24, 2002
Since this website is heavy on the webserver side of things, I decided to write an article that focuses on the website itself.  Here is my Tips on How to Create a Successful Website article.

Don't forget the Member Sites page.

March 18, 2002
Okay peoples, I just wrote a new article called: A Practical Guide to Backing Up Your Server
This is in our Articles section.  Here is a sample:

Why do you have to backup?  What's your main enemy concerning data loss?  Would you be surprised to find out that the biggest reason for data loss isn't hardware failure, but instead operator error.  That's right, YOU are the biggest threat to your data.  Okay, maybe your little sister pounding on the keyboard might cause some data loss, but most data loss is caused by the owner/operator when they are performing something routine.  Then you hear “CRAP! What did I just do!????”  This is not to say that hardware failures don't exist.  But in general, hardware failure is not as common as user error.  Now that we know who are enemy is… (hehe, it's YOU)
Also, we got more members again.  Check out our Member Sites page.

Sorry, but the D-Link router and Dell server deals are both dead now.  I hope you got in on those.

March 14, 2002
I'd like to welcome our newest advertiser - InstantServers.com.  They develop webserver, ftp,  and mail server software for the Windows platform.  Check them out!

Right now, Best Buy has a great deal on the D-Link 704P router.  It's $99 with a $20 instant rebate, a $20 mail in rebate, and a second $30 mail in rebate.  This leaves you with $29 for a router!  It has a 4 port switch, firewall, NAT, built in print server (I love this part), and a COM port for external modems.

This becomes a even better deal if you have an American Express Blue card.  You can price match the router with this page here and get $10 back from American Express.  This leaves your final price at $19 plus change.

If your local Best Buy is out of stock on this model, I would go online to their website and order this router and have them ship it to you or arrange for local pickup.

March 13, 2002
Here is a new Step-by-Step article on HTTP File Compression in IIS 5.0 for those of you using IIS on a sever edition of Windows.  A snippet:

"For those of us who run webservers from home on DSL or cable modem, bandwidth is a precious thing.  Most of us have very low upstream bandwidth which causes problems when our sites get busy.  One solution is to pay more money and get more upstream bandwidth.  Another solution is to compress the web files before they get shipped over the Internet.  Once the files reach the client's computer, they are decompressed by the client's computer.  However, nothing is ever free and there is a downside to file compression.  First, your server will have to spend cpu time to compress the files before they get sent.  Second, your visitor's computer will have to spend time decompressing the files.  Most likely, these two factors won't be much of a problem since the amount of cpu time required is fairly low.  Also, a good number of websites you visit on a daily basis already have file compression enabled.  This is possible be cause the decompression is built right into most modern web browsers."
Also added a few more entries to our Member Sites page.  I must say, I am very impressed with some of the stuff you guys are putting out.  Keep them coming!

March 10, 2002
Steve emailed me with two cool web based FTP client programs.  The first one is called Web-FTP.

"Web-FTP is a fully featured ftp client designed for secure file management when used in conjunction with an SSL enabled web server. As a secondary function it can serve as an FTP client for users who's firewalls block FTP, since all communication is through the HTTP protocol."
Here is the other one called Drall.
"Drall is a script which allows users to access their directories and files remotely without the need of using insecure FTP and telnet. It enables the user to treat the remote file system as if it was on their local hard disk through a normal
Web browser."

March 9, 2002
Are you looking for a server?  Well, here are two good server deals from Dell.  One for $249 shipped and the other $449 shipped.  You may still have to pay taxes on either box.  Both do not include  monitor.

Which one should you get?  Depends on how much traffic you have.  Most likely (99.9%), your bottleneck in your server setup will be the speed of your DSL/Cable line, not the server.  Either server can easily saturate and handle most things that could come across a DSL/Cable line.  These are awesome prices.  These deals end March 13, so make sure you jump on them if you're in the market for a server.  I picked up a 500SC today myself.  :)  I love hardware!

Taken from GotApex.com

Deal 1.  PowerEdge 500SC 1.1Ghz Server for $249 after Rebate with FREE Shipping!
Dell Small Business is really blowing out their PowerEdge 500SC servers. Now, you have to keep in mind, this is a really basic server. However, you're still talking about a reliable 1.1ghz machine for just $249 with free shipping (expires 3/20/02) after $250 rebate (expires 3/13/02). Here's what you do:

  • Start here with Dell's Small Business Servers. DELLSB 
  • Click on Choose PowerEdge SC Server 
  • Click on Customize It, under the PowerEdge 500SC header 
  • Choose the following option: 
  • 1Yr Onsite Labor + 1Yr Parts Delivery + 1Yr Technical Support [subtract $149] 
  • Click on Update Price and the Continue 
  • Then click on Add to Cart then check out. Send in the $250 mail in rebate when you get the machine. 
  • Deal 2: PowerEdge 1400SC Dual Capable, 10k RPM Ultra160SCSI HD Equipped Server for $448 after Rebate with FREE Shipping! This is an absolutely incredible price for all that you're getting. In fact, it's actually a far better deal than the 500SC server for $249 above (though that's awesome too). It's dual processor capable, has an Ultra160 SCSI controller, an 18GB 10,000rpm Ultra160 SCSI drive, a great case with plenty of cooling, and many other goodies. The price is $448 thanks to an instant $100 discount, free shipping (expires 3/20/02), and a $250 mail in rebate (expires 3/13/02).  Here's how you get it:
    • Start here at Dell Small Business Servers. DELLSB 
    • Click on the Choose PowerEdge SC Server link 
    • Click on the Customize it under the Value Solution PowerEdge 1400SC header 
    • Then, change to the following option: 
    • 1Yr Onsite Labor + 1Yr Parts Delivery + 1Yr Technical Support [subtract $487] 
    • Click on Update Price 
    • Click on Continue 
    • Click on Add to cart 
    • Finish checking out, your total should show up as $698.  Send in the $250 rebate and your real total is $448!