Updates: March 2004

March 28, 2004
Last week I went paint balling with a bunch of friends up at Lake Arrowhead here is Southern California.  It was a blast!  It's quite a rush to be running through the forest in camouflage with paint balls whizzing by your head.  It really gave me a new respect for our soldiers who are out there dealing with real bullets in a non-entertainment scenario.  Pretty crazy.

I added a new section to the site!  It's called "Quick Start". Quick Start will go through the process of setting up a webserver without getting bogged down with the details of each step.  For more information, each step will provide references to more detailed information.  Let me know what you think of the section!

For the longest time I've tried to answer emails dealing with individual problems with setup, hardware, etc, but now, I just get way too many emails to answer every one.  If you have a problem with your setup, please ask for help on our forums instead of emailing me directly.  The forums are full of people who have tons of experience and are willing to help.  However, please read through this site before you go and ask a question that's already been answered on this site somewhere.  The search function is your friend!

March 14, 2004
Got a short little article this week: Hard Drive Speed: ATA 33 versus ATA 133

Just wanted to let you know about a venture I'm involved in: VenomSportswear.com.  It's an urban clothing company with an Asian flavour.  Check out the "Battle of the Century" commercial we got up there.  We got a total of 6 commercials on the way!

March 7, 2004
The new forums seem to be working pretty well!  The PHP/MySQL combo doesn't put any more load on the server CPU than did the old UBB Perl forums.  Speaking of the forums, I added a new section:


Read me first before posting anywhere!
I added another 512 Meg DIMM to the server for a total of 1 Gig of Registered ECC PC133 RAM.  I don't think the server really needs it since memory usage at any given time is around 300 Megs.  But more RAM can't hurt right?  You can see the complete setup on the Site Info page.

Added more sites to the Member Site page.