Updates: November 2001

November 24, 2001
I added a new bandwidth speed test to our Tests/Tools section.  It's called testmy.net This test performs upstream and downstream testing.  Take a look.

We also have new entry in our Member Sites.

November 23, 2001
Here is a new Step-by-Step article (the first in a long time).  It shows a few tricks on how to more effectively use the "Lock Computer" function in Windows NT or 2000.  Check it out here:  "Lock Computer" Tricks

November 22, 2001
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy some time with your loved ones and be safe during this long weekend.  Yummy... turkey!

November 17, 2001
A few changes around here.  I renamed the "NIC Testing" section to "Articles" because we're going to have few new articles around here.  Shuttle computers sent me a SV24 case/motherboard for us to review.  Also, VIA sent us a VIA C3 933 Mhz CPU to look at. Both will go into our new server.  The article should be coming out soon.  The cool thing about the C3 933 is that it requires a passive heatsink, no fan.  Wow, at 933 Mhz!

I also added a new dynamic DNS service to our DNS section.  It's GetMyIP.com and I've heard good things about their service.  Take a look at what they have to offer.

November 16, 2001
People have been asking about this so I added a new dynamic DNS update utilities called DirectUpdate.net.  It's a shareware dynamic DNS update utility that works with many Dynamic DNS services.  Many people recommend this utility so check it out and see if it fits your needs.

We also have added a new site to our Member Sites section.

November 3, 2001
We have a few new additions to our Member Sites section so go check it out and see what people have done with their own webservers.  Some of the websites look a bit dead.  If you have a dead website, I will soon be removing them from the list.  On the same note, if you have a site that I removed because it was previously dead but is now online, drop me an email and I'll get you on the list again.

Since our site is growing quite nicely, I decided to look into upgrade the DSL line speed.  We currently have 128 upstream which is technically about twice as fast as a dialup 56 modem.  However, it has been running very stable over the past year.  The DSL company told me that for some reason my house isn't able to get anything greater than 128 upstream.  This is strange because I know my line can handle up to 1.5 each way.  I guess Verizon is being screwy again.  Oh well, I guess we'll live.

In order to support the cost of running this site, banner advertising space is now for sale.  Since this is pretty much a one man operation, I am completely flexible with the details.  Rates are very flexible (and very low!) and we can work out details like impressions, duration, etc.  Send me an email and we'll talk.  Even if you have a tiny website, you can still advertise here.  Really.