Updates: September 2002

September 29, 2002
More Member Sites as usual.  Very cool stuff people are doing.  You know that webhosting yourself is the wave of the future right?  Of course you do!  :)

If you're running a Windows based server have you been to WindowsUpdate.com lately? It's definitely a good idea.  One of their more recent updates allows you to have updates automatically downloaded to your computer and then it will notify you when it's ready to install.  Very handy.

September 22, 2002
As always, we have several new listings in our Member Sites section.  Take a look and see what people are doing with their own webservers. 

I've added two new sections to our forums.  The first one is Site Showoff.  Basically, this is a forum version of our Member Sites.  If you just got your webserver online and want to show the world, this is a great place to start.  The other section is called Marketplace.  Here you can buy, sell, trade hardware or post hot deals.  I'm kinda wary on adding too many sections so let me know how you think it's working out.  I will probably try to reduce the overall number of sections by merging but I'm not sure which ones yet.

Hey y'all, I'm looking for advertisers for this website.  The ad rates are very good and you'll get great exposure for your product.  If you're interested, even just a little bit, drop me an email and we'll hammer something out.

I've been doing some reading on the side and thought you guys might be interested in it.  It's PHP and MySQL For Dummies.  I'm interested in using a dynamic engine/database backend for this site so that management would be easier.  I know there are a lot of already built content management systems out there such as the very good PHP-Nuke but I'd like to understand how this whole PHP/MySQL thing works.  It's a pretty good book, you might want to check it out.