Updates: September 2004

September 12, 2004
I made some very important changes to the Serv-U FTP guide.  I modified this guide so that instead of using port 20 and 21, the FTP server now should run on a different port number.  This is for security reasons since the default port 21 is very often scanned by hackers.  By using a different FTP port number, you are much less susceptible to having your FTP server hacked.

September 5, 2004
I have a new article today titled: How to Use a Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point

Does it sound strange to you?  Yeah, I thought so, but there are many instances where you want to use a wireless router as an access point.  Check out the article and you'll see what I mean.

I added more entries to both the Member Sites and ISP Hot List pages.  Take a look!

Here is a request to all of you.  I am looking for more FREE dynamic DNS services to list on this site.  I know that they are dropping off the web fast, but I'm sure that there are more out there that I haven't listed on my DNS section.  Thanks!