Updates: September 2005

September 18, 2005
I'm a happy camper today.  Yesterday night I went to watch my #1 USC Trojans beat Arkansas 70-17.  Although it wasn't a nail biter, it was fun to watch.  Unless, of course, you're a Arkansas fan.

This week I have an article about how this site got hit by an Internet worm last December.  Kind of a recap of the whole thing.

September 10, 2005
Well, there was another site outage this week.  The site was down from Sunday night until Thursday night.  It's the longest outage we've had in 5 years.  The culprit was the DSL modem.  It simply up and died.  My DSL company sent me a new one and it seems to be working fine.  Just to be safe, I bought a spare one just in case.  These days, a used DSL modem is like $20 bucks.  It's worth the potential downtime.

I have a new article this week, it's kinda short though.

September 4, 2005
I can't believe the devastation.  It's simply heartbreaking.  Hurricane Katrina has destroyed New Orleans and the surrounding area.  The human toll is horrific.  Watching the news, the whole area looked like very similar to the tsunami damage that hit East Asia recently.  The people suffering the consequences of Hurricane Katrina desperately need the help of everybody out there.  I strongly urge you to donate to the various relief funds out there so that these people, some who have LOST EVERYTHING, can start rebuilding their lives.  Every little bit helps. 

This is the one I support: Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief Website

New Step-by-Step guides:

Our website was mentioned on The Web Hosting Show podcast.  Give them a look when you get a chance.