A great webserver is nothing without great content to serve. Let me emphasize that a home webserver running on DSL or Cable modem should not be used for mission critical business. Special interest websites that can afford to be down once in a while are better suited for this type of setup.

The type of website you are considering running in part determines the other aspects of your webserver (connection speed, CPU speed, etc). Here are a few guidelines on what you should concentrate on for each particular setup, but remember, it's fairly flexible.

  • Basic personal home page - nothing special
  • FTP file server - fast connection speed
  • Streaming media - fast connection speed
  • CGI scripts - fast CPU speed
  • Active server pages - fast CPU speed
  • Game server - fast connection speed & fast CPU speed
As you can see, different types of webpages have different needs. In general, it is good to make your webserver powerful and robust enough to handle a bit of everything.

In the case of, our webserver has to serve up mainly static webpages, which is not CPU intensive at all. Some of the larger graphics on this website may take a while to load but shouldn't be too slow in most cases. The online forums are a concern because they run CGI scripts which require much more CPU cycles. For example, when a user performs a search in the forums, I routinely see the CPU usage approach 50%. When the server is serving static html pages, the CPU usage does not exceed 2%. So for I needed a fairly fast CPU and that's about it.